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  • Tax Planning

QuickBooks® Training

As your accounting professional and advisor, I am with you every step of the way offering professional accounting operations consulting, bookkeeping services and tax services. As an independent accounting and tax professional, I have assisted businesses and non-profit organizations in the following:

  • Providing set-up, training and implementation of QuickBooks and Quicken
  • Consulting for monthly, quarterly or annual reviews of accounting records
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly management or board reports
  • Preparing projections and analysis of Cash Flow and Budgets
  • Setting up, training and implementing standard accounting practices and procedures
  • Preparing small corporate and individual income tax returns
  • Small classroom training with Maine Association of Non-Profits
  • Personalized training services for owners and bookkeeping staff
  • Ensuring that accounting processes are understood
  • Trouble-shooting when problems occur
  • Reinforcement of training with follow up sessions for monthly or quarterly reporting

Monthly, Quarterly,
and Annual Reviews

As a team member, I understand how important it is to make the right decision concerning your organization. The ability to make the decision correctly depends on the quality of information you have access to and the form it takes.

I specialize in assisting owners and non-profit directors in providing monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of accounting records as well as preparing management reports. I also personally follow up with on-site accounting staff members to ensure accounting records are on par and the reporting function provides you with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Non-Profit Organizations
and Land Trusts

I have extensive experience with the complicated accounting required for grants, contracts, restricted contributions and Net Assets. I can implement and manage the required documentation and accounting procedures to ensure the financial reporting throughout the year accurately report these items.

Does your Board of Directors need help understanding the financial statements? 

I will be happy to meet with them to help make sense of what can be complicated reporting requirements.

Financial Modeling,
Forecasting, and Projections

In the current business environment, you are aware of the necessity to develop a financial strategy or roadmap. I provide a consultative approach to your complete financial and business forecasting needs, including the following:

  • Cash flow reporting & analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts receivable & accounts payable management
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of accounting records
  • Scenario modeling for unexpected contingencies
  • Internal control policies & procedures

Tax Consultation
and Preparation

Consult me before you pay the too much tax! Let me help you dramatically reduce your ordinary income, capital gains and self-employment taxes. I provide detailed and effective advice and support to all income levels. Deductions are more than just a line time on your tax return. Understanding your legal right to your possible deductions and credits could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Take that money and invest in something other than paying the IRS. I prepare the following:

  • For Individuals…  1040,  1040A,  1040EZ  
  • For Businesses…  1065,  1120,  1120s
  • For Non-Profits…  990 and 990EZ 
  • For Contractors… 1099


Do you have your accounting records piled high, in random drawers, or in a box somewhere? Don’t know what you need to track and what you don’t? Let me help you get organized by setting you up on Quicken or QuickBooks.

No more guessing about what that profit looks like!

Accounting Consulting
CFO for Hire

I am a team player. That is why I participate as a member of your staff with the specific interest of seeing you realize success just like an employee – only better! As an outsourced accounting professional, you avoid the cost and liability of having in-house staff. This allows you to concentrate on your business and I take care of the accounting procedures, bookkeeping, financial reporting and related services. Additionally, I am also available to work onsite with your staff for a set number of hours per week as a contract staff member. If you prefer this arrangement – simply let me know and we can discuss this further.

  • Define cash flows within the business
  • Identify redundant data entry to improve overall efficiency
  • Refine processes
  • Implement new accounting procedures
  • Budget planning and preparation
  • Assist non-profit organizations and land trusts prepare for annual audits Interface with CPA firms and my clients to make the audit process more efficient, while improving procedures that make the audit run smoothly​

Don’t overpay because your accountant hastily rushed in the preparation of your return or was uneducated in all aspects of tax regulation.

I offer an in-office interview or the convenient mail-in & over-the-phone interview.

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